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Contribute: Send us a tip Comment Contact the editor. People who read this, also read: Brand-new Volkswagen TDI diesels back on sale after modifications Which VW diesels can be fixed updated , and which can't? Want to buy a used, updated Volkswagen TDI diesel car? Share This Article:.

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Follow Us Today:. Published on March 30th, by Steve Hanley. March 30th, by Steve Hanley. Part of that number is for fines imposed by various federal and state regulators and part of it is the cost of buying back a large number of the more than , diesel powered cars it sold in America after The buyback program will continue through the end of next year.

To date, it has repurchased more than , vehicles. And what does Volkswagen do with all those cars after they buy them back? It stores them. And where do you store , vehicles? This will be fun for the US Pickup fraternity as , exhaust treatment will be expensive. Worry about diesel cars. The point of having a diesel car is dying out quickly, especially in Europe where the diesel exhaust from millions of passenger cars is fast becoming public enemy 1. I thought it was the greatest thing ever! Of course it was pre-emissions, dead simple, diesel fuel was a lot cheaper than gas, and its contemporary Malaise era, unleaded-gas cars sucked.

Particulate filters will make Gas engines very expensive.

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Ermel Very True. Should stick to your other moniker. Crush the cars, take the engines and set up a business repowering 80s VW diesels for the nostalgia market. Even the strangled motors will feel powerful in an 80s Rabbit or a VW Caddy pickup. But it sucked bad enough overall that he traded it…on a E.

Tell me how that relationship worked out…. Car sitting for weeks because I finally had the money to buy all the filters and oil for a servicing and the already stripped and ruined drain plug could not be reused. It took me damn near a unanimous vote in Congress for me to do simple repairs on that car. Then, you get to turn the thing back in after 3 years without the ongoing headaches of future TDI resale value and maintenance. These are on fixed vehicles, right? I do miss my TDI wagon but it made sense to sell it back, maybe I will go test drive a 15 and see if it is worth the hassles.

Please 15k off is a good starting point however I must admit that I would have prefered if they just crushed them. Yeah, sure, because crushing brand-new cars is so great for the environment. That takes some skill to talk out of both sides of your mouth like that.

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You seem not to have understood that both these actions advocated here — firstly, to have all the Dieselgate VWs taken off the streets and best of all crushed, and secondly, to phase out diesels altogether — are nonsense environmentally. Just not in the way you expect.

Buying a VW TDI?!? (The Sad Truth of the VW TDI)

Fact remains, diesels are more efficient than petrol engines. Not just in miles per gallon, or miles per dollar, but in miles per joule of fuel energy spent. That gap is closing, but it is not yet closed. Today, you cannot buy a petrol-engined car in Germany that will still be up to date, emissions-wise, two years from now. Euro 6c diesels, on the other hand, are available.

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Even from Volkswagen. So, do I think taking all the Dieselgate VWs off the road was an overreaction? Sure, they needed to be fixed, and new ones needed to be changed so as to honestly comply with regulations; no question about that. But forcing VW to buy them all back, thus ramming billions of dollars down the throats of their owners, was idiotic.

Finally, why do you feel the need to insult me by calling me a politician? You could not be more wrong. If VW cared about its customers, it would publicize this, rather than leaving people at the mercy of dealerships. Yeah, what an appalling decision, to let their already contemptible dealership network screw their customers even further.

There is a fair amount of demand available.

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vw tdi deals Vw tdi deals
vw tdi deals Vw tdi deals
vw tdi deals Vw tdi deals
vw tdi deals Vw tdi deals
vw tdi deals Vw tdi deals

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