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Bil-Jac Dog Food 2lb Bag Just $.72 at Walmart!

Clip Coupon. Popular Stores. View Store. Dollar General Matchups, deals, coupon policy, instructional videos, and more. Pathmark Matchups, deals, coupon policy, instructional videos, and more. It is difficult to tell. The remaining ingredients in this Bil-Jac Adult Select Formula Dry Food recipe consist primarily of supplementary fibers, flavors, and supplements. Dried beet pulp is a source of dietary fiber and flaxseed contains both fiber and fat. Like the corn meal, however flaxseed is a plant-based fat so it is less biologically valuable than an animal-based fat. It is also a problem that there are so many synthetic supplements instead of natural sources for those nutrients like fresh fruits and vegetables.

There are a few chelated minerals which is a good thing, but overall there are too many synthetic supplements. The recipe starts off strong with fresh chicken as the main ingredient, but it quickly goes downhill with the inclusion of multiple by-products and corn meal. As a whole, the crude protein content of this recipe is very good but it is hard to tell how much of it comes from by-products and plant-based ingredients.

This recipe is also lacking in healthy animal-based fats. Though there are a few chelated minerals, synthetic supplements are way over-used and this recipe could benefit from the use of probiotics. It is one of only four wet food recipes that Bil-Jac has to offer and one of two that are gluten- and grain-free.

This formula is complete and balanced for adult maintenance and it contains a number of high-quality ingredients. It is important to note, however, that there are also some low-quality or at least questionable ingredients. This is a quality ingredient because it helps to preserve the moisture content of the recipe and it provides some natural flavor as well.

Next comes turkey, chicken, and egg product — all high-quality sources of animal-based protein with some fat content as well. Though these three proteins are all excellent ingredients, there is another source of protein that is not high-quality — pea protein. Pea protein is a plant-based protein which makes it less biologically valuable than any animal-based protein.

It is hard to tell how much this ingredient contributes to the total protein content. In terms of carbohydrate, this recipe relies on gluten-free and grain-free ingredients like sweet potatoes and carrots. In addition to carbohydrate energy, these ingredients act as supplementary sources of fiber and as natural sources for key vitamins and minerals. There are also some other supplementary fibers like modified tapioca starch, potato starch, and guar gum. Unfortunately, none of those supplements are chelated minerals or probiotics.

Not only does this recipe contain two quality meat proteins turkey and chicken , but it is also gluten-free and grain-free. With grain-free carbohydrates like sweet potatoes and carrots, this formula is highly digestible and a good source of energy. Where this recipe goes downhill is in the use of pea protein and the absence of a high-quality source of animal-based fat. As a whole, this formula is a little bit too high in dietary fiber and a little low in healthy fat.

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There are also no chelated minerals or probiotic supplements. Perhaps a call to their research facility will help you. It took me just a few moments to find out,.

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That process is designed to get the most out of the corn and make it easily digestible for the dog and to give the dog immediate access to the carbs. This brand has had only one recall and that was for mold more than 5 years ago. Biljac uses only organ meats from the chickens they cook for their protein rich food. Try that with some of the other dog foods that just swell up because of all the unprocessed grains. I had all my dogs on BilJac for years.

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They eat it and they are happy little campers every time. Please contact the makers of this fine food and stop just getting on the Bashing Train because everyone else does. Thanks Vickie for your comments. They love it so much, all they want to do is eat. Our finicky cat, sneaks bites from the dog dishes, while they are eating.

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This food is awful. Do people even look at what they are feeding their animals? Corn has no nutritional value period. No matter how long you cook it! Not happy that they do not tell you where they source their meat from. There are some dog food companys that will give you all the info on where everything has been sourced from.

Then if you look at their frozen kibble it is mostly junk food. The kennel I worked at when I was a kid used the frozen bil-jac. It had a sickly sweet smell to it. Years later I found out the reason it was fed to the dogs being boarded. It is junk food. The second ingredent is dried bakery goods.

So that is bakery waste. Cookies, cakes, crackers, ect. Dried and ground up. No wonder all the picky eaters loved it! Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Printable coupons for bil jac dog food
Printable coupons for bil jac dog food
Printable coupons for bil jac dog food
Printable coupons for bil jac dog food
Printable coupons for bil jac dog food
Printable coupons for bil jac dog food
Printable coupons for bil jac dog food
Printable coupons for bil jac dog food
Printable coupons for bil jac dog food

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